At the market-level, information about BOP consumers’ needs, preferences, and consumption patterns is often not available to potential investors or business partners. The same is true for BOP suppliers, as information about the production capacity of smallholder farmers, or of market prices, is often lacking. Information services, including market research, are also in short supply, especially at the local level. Companies that want to pursue a BOP market opportunity often encounter difficulties finding enough data to build an inclusive business model.

G20 leaders launch global partnership and website to help advance inclusive business

Nanjing, China—The G20 officially launched the Global Platform on Inclusive Business (GPIB) today in Nanjing, China. The Platform is a global partnership that will provide support to policymakers and accelerate the adoption of inclusive business policies and programs globally.

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G20 Policymaker Roundtable

As part of the 2nd Inclusive Business Asia Forum sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the G20 Global Platform on Inclusive Business (GPIB) brought together a range of policymakers for an inclusive business roundtable discussion.  Officials welcomed the opportunity to share their experience with fellow policymakers in a closed-door session. Participants included G20 members and non-members representing foreign affairs ministries, investment bureaus, and bilateral development finance institutions (DFIs), and aid agencies’ country, regional, or headquarter-level offices. Countries represented included Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.
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G20 Leaders’ Call on Inclusive Business

Leaders at the G20 Leaders Summit in Antalya, Turkey issued a call to action to public and private sector representatives, international organizations and civil society to advance the ability of businesses around the world to integrate low-income people into their value chains.

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Novartis: Commercial Innovation for Improved Health

Arogya Parivar’s inclusive business model utilizes a market-based approach for healthcare provision. By offering education on diseases, treatment options and prevention as well as enhancing access to affordable medicines, Novartis has built upon an existing network of qualified professionals that bolsters weak or, in some cases, non-existent healthcare infrastructure.

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TTNET: Increasing internet literacy among low income communities of Turkey

TTNET is the first Turkish firm to join the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with their commitment to broaden internet access and literacy training. Turkey’s largest internet company pledged to expand internet access and educational opportunities to remote areas in Turkey by 2015.

Recognizing that economic barriers to technology can hinder the growth and development of all income groups and broaden the socioeconomic gap, TTNET is working hard to change the landscape.

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