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Additional finance instruments yet to be broadly applied to inclusive business, include factoring of accounts receivables, leasing for equipment and vehicles, and equity financing. Leasing, for example, is an increasingly important complementary source of investment finance, particularly in countries where the information infrastructure is weak. A potential advantage of leasing lies in the fact that it focuses on the ability to generate cash flows from operations to make the leasing payments, rather than on credit history or ability to pledge collateral. Factoring, a complementing instrument, has the advantage that its underwriting is based on the buyer’s risk, rather than the risk of the seller.

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Panasonic: 100 Thousand Lanters Solar Project

Panasonic Corporation plans to donate a total of 100,000 solar lanterns by 2018, the year of our 100th anniversary, to improve and enhance the quality of life in emerging economies and developing countries.

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CEMEX Patrimonio Hoy: Providing integral housing solutions for low-income families

The lack of affordable housing is a severe problem for low-income families in Mexico. Insufficient access to financing and materials along with a lack of technical skills preclude low-income families from living in safe and adequate conditions. In order to understand this problem better and serve low-income communities with a market-based solution, CEMEX invested in extensive research and analysis.

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