Conventional finance providers are not always equipped to finance inclusive businesses, and often consider risk-adjusted returns too low to merit credit or investment. Financial products are often not adapted to the needs of inclusive business. Despite the growth of the microfinance and SME industry, access to credit and other financial resources for the BOP are still scarce and are usually limited to small sums. Equity finance is also difficult to access. For example, smallholder farmers aiming to invest in equipment or distributors with a need for working capital must often rely on their own resources.

Innovar juntos - estrategia de fomento de los nuevos modelos de economía social e inclusiva a nivel internacional (Gobierno de Francia)

En los países del sur, los modos de desarrollo actuales debilitan el entorno social y ecológico. La pobreza, la exclusión, el trabajo precario, la sobreexplotación de los recursos naturales y la contaminación constituyen amenazas a la esperanza de una vida digna para cientos de millones de personas y ponen en peligro el futuro del planeta. Por ello, es urgente «actuar de otro modo».

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Innover Ensemble - Stratégie de promotion des nouveaux modelés de l’économie sociale et inclusive à l’international (Gouvernement de la France)

Dans les pays du Sud, les modes de développement actuels fragilisent l’environnement social et écologique. La pauvreté, l’exclusion, le travail précaire, la surexploitation des ressources

naturelles et la pollution sont autant de menaces qui compromettent tout espoir de vie décente pour des centaines de millions de personnes et mettent en péril l’avenir de la planète. Il est

donc urgent d’« agir autrement ». 

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Innovating Together - Promotion Strategy for New Social and Inclusive Economy Models Abroad (Government of France)


In developing countries, current development models weaken the social and ecological environment. Poverty, exclusion, insecure employment, overexploitation of natural resources and pollution are all threats that compromise any hope of a earning a reasonable standard of living for hundreds of millions of people and put the future of our planet in danger. We urgently need to “act differently”. 

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Company case study – Brazil – Banco do Brazil

Banco do Brazil (BB) is a Brazilian financial institution with expressive performance in promoting economic and sustainable development. It assists more than 25 million customers in Brazil and abroad. BB’s main objective is to contribute to social development aligned with public policies and the demands of the society.

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Company case study – Brazil – AEGEA Saneamento e Participações S.A.

AEGEA Saneamento e Participações S.A. (AEGEA) is the third greatest water sewage service provider in Brazil, a country with serious problems in terms of sanitation and where significant part of the population has no access to basic services yet.

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Preferential Public Procurement - Policy Case Study on Inclusive Business


What is the objective and purpose of preferential public procurement?

Public procurement is the process by which government and public entities purchase goods, services, capital and technologies for their own or public use. Government is the largest single buyer of goods and services in most economies, with expenditures by governments often amounting to 20% to 30% of GDP.

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G20 Inclusive Business Report for the 2016 Summit

Challenge Funds - Policy Case Study on Inclusive Business

“Enterprise challenge funds (ECFs) provide grants or subsidies with an explicit public purpose between independent agencies with grant recipients selected competitively on the basis of advertised rules and processes who retain significant discretion over formulation and execution of their proposals and share risks with the grant provider." ECFs invite companies working in a targeted field to submit project proposals for inclusive business models that aim to solve a specific development problem and generate high pro-poor impact.

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Company Survey 2016